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Please provide contact information for the person in charge of the photo shoot and property details:

Travel Outside Service Area Surcharge

Our service area is a 1 hour radius from Bradenton, FL (Approximately 70 miles). To utilize our services outside this area, please calculate the round trip travel time from Bradenton, FL and choose the applicable surcharge.

Our Video Only Package includes:

Narrated Video – This is a 1 to 2 minute video with music and narration. We utilize your property description to create a compelling short video that introduces the property to prospective buyers.

Full Video Profile –This is a very special product offered by JES  USA Digital. A Full Video Profile is a complete video tour of the entire property. These videos are so complete and so compelling, it would not be unusual for an agent to get an offer from an out of town buyer without physically visiting the property. The length of this video is dictated by the size of the home, and it is much longer than our Narrated Video and Virtual Tours. This is a high end very powerful marketing tool.

Website – We provide a website and unique web address for each property. The site will include all of the items listed above. Your custom site will be mobile responsive, so it will look great on any screen size including smart phones, tablets and large desktop and notebook computers. There is no additional cost or monthly fee for this service, and we will provide it for you for the life of the time period you are the listing agent.

TRAVEL – Our normal service area covers approximately a 60 mile radius around Bradenton, FL (i.e. any location we an reach in 1 hour from Bradenton… 2 hours round trip). If you would like us to profile a property outside of our normal service area, please calculate the travel time from Bradenton, FL to the property (using something like Google Maps or your smartphone), subtract the 2 hours that we allow in our package price, and select the closest appropriate Trip Fee Surcharge. Example: Your property is in Ocala, FL. Your smartphone tells you it is 2 hours and 6 mins from Bradenton, FL, so round trip is 4 hrs and 12 mins. Minus the 2 hours we allow, you would choose the 2 hour trip upgrade (which would cost $120).