JES USA DIGITAL brings a powerful combination of creative talents and marketing skills to the table. This is no accident. The driving force behind our company is Jeff Sisk who has a very unique background, and this translates into high quality work. Mr. Sisk has over 30 years of experience with video/audio editing & engineering, photography, website programming, and marketing. Some of the clients and projects he has worked on over the years include AT&T/Lucent Technologies, Starlight International, UniverSoul Circus, World Cup Soccer, Tom Marzullo (tour manager, Justin Bieber; producer, Purple Rain tour for Prince), to name a few, and he was the stage manager for the Atlanta Rhythm Section (ARS) in the 1980’s. In 2000, Mr. Sisk founded PhysicianWork which became the largest physician job site in the United States for over 10 years. He originated the concept, programmed the website, and did all sales, marketing and customer support. His knowledge of internet marketing allowed him to eclipse the competition, and in a survey in 2007 by the New England Journal of Medicine, PhysicianWork was a leading site where physicians found jobs (second only to the NEJM job site). This unique skill set gives us the tools we need to produce high end property profiles, and assist our clients with internet visibility and marketing.

We say around here often “If you send 10 photographers to profile a property, you will get 10 completely different results”. After all, the creative ability and unique trained eye of the photographer greatly influences the final product. Also key is great equipment, the lab processing of photographs, and the necessary high end software and creative skills for post production and video editing. Every step in this process is important. Our years of experience gives us a clear edge over our competitors and allows us to create high end compelling property profiles that are second to none. Additionally, our years of experience with internet marketing and SEO allows us to assist clients with marketing their property. We provide a custom website with mobile responsive design for each property (looks great on all screen sizes including phones, tablets and smartphones), and make sure it is visible on social media and search engines. This enhances your marketing efforts and helps you be more successful.

As a final note, video has become very important to the real estate industry over all other mediums including photos, 3-D floor plans, and virtual tours. Even so, video is often neglected by many agents. According to the National Association of Realtors, Youtube and Google are the number one internet sites where buyers are looking, and agents who utilize video in their listings have 403% higher response rates. That is an incredible statistic, and the reason is that the largest social media sites and search engines give a special preference to videos and put them at the very top of all search results. We offer video in many of our packages, and at JES USA DIGITAL we create stunning video property profiles. Our Full Video Profile is unique (most firms only produce a 1 to 2 minute video) and gives the serious buyer a true sense of “being there”. With our Platinum Package, you get three videos: a Full Video Profile, a short 1 to 2 minute narrated video, and a virtual tour. This package by design is inexpensive (our best value) and makes these powerful tools available for any budget.

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